mature intelligence, subtle beauty, and creativity

MillerDanceAs one of Pittsburgh’s original premier modern dance companies, MillerDance is 28 years strong.   Through mature intelligence, subtle beauty, and creativity; MillerDance delights audiences by highlighting the intricate relationships within the world around us.  Miller's latest premier, Out of Rubble:  Phoenix Rising, inspired headlines such as, “Miller troupe to celebrate resilience of human spirit” (Sara Bauknecht / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).   Through multi-layered choreography performed by a wide variety of artists, the company expresses the many facets of modern life with wit, depth, feeling, and a universal appeal. MillerDance’s work is also known for multi-disciplinary collaborations and versatility to create customized programs fit for any apathyvenue or project.   Repertory is available for full length performances, excerpts, and commissioned choreography; as well as creation of new project work, and specializing in site specific performances.

Residency activities include master classes, lecture demonstrations, open rehearsals and post-performance discussions.  Mary Miller has also developed a specialized movement therapy program, Moving for Life!