Henning Rübsam’s SENSEDANCE is one of New York’s sensational delights." (Lori Ortiz, GCN)

SensedanceDescribed by STAGE & CINEMA as "the thinking man's choreographer" , Rübsam founded his contemporary ballet and modern dance company in the hope that through the SENSES for a moment we can all meet. The ten-member company performs the wide range of works both barefoot and on point and combines the horizontal speed of modern dance with the vertical speed that the point shoe platform makes possible.

"Rübsam is a German romantic at heart and an American realist in practice. His choreography is structured and disciplined; he masters a variety of techniques to express an idealism that approaches the mystical. He was born in Germany and educated at the Juilliard School, a combination that accounts for his mastery of technique, large movement vocabulary and inventive choreography." (ATTITUDE - The Dancers' Magazine)